WhatsApp Auto Chat Sender Pro

WhatsApp Auto Chat Sender Pro

WhatsApp Auto Chat Sender: Unlock the Potential of Automated Communication with a Chatbot in the World’s Largest Messaging Application
Engage, Connect, and Sell with the Most Popular Communication App in the Market!

Harness the Power of Today’s Leading Marketing Tool
80% of E-Marketers Utilize it Daily?

33% of WhatsApp Users Open the App Instantly Upon Receiving a Notification
Messages Have a 100% Reading Rate
76% of Users Utilize WhatsApp on a Daily Basis
21% of Users Check the App Every 5 Minutes
64% of Users Prefer Simple and Direct Communication

All You Need to Drive Daily Sales Conversions Rapidly


Save Contacts Who Reach Out to Your Number and Build a Highly Profitable Prospect List

Engage Your Leads and Customers with Quality Content and Special Offers through WhatsApp Auto Chat Sender Pro.

Make Direct Offers to Your Prospects. WhatsApp Communication is the Real Deal in Direct Sales.

Discover the Power of WhatsApp Auto Chat Sender Pro:

Automatically Attend to Your Customers with Customizable Message Scheduling and Options.
Deliver Sequenced Messages for New Contacts with Powerful Autoresponder Features in WhatsApp Business.
Save All Contacts Who Reach Out to Your Number for Easy Management.
Automatically Send Message Campaigns to All Your Customers with WhatsApp Business.
Sell! Deliver Content and Offers Directly to Your Fully Qualified Opt-in Prospects.
Unlock the Most Powerful Features:
WhatsApp Auto Chat Sender Pro is the Only Installable Software in the Market that Combines Intelligent Chatbot, Sales Funnel, and Campaign Sending in One Place. Convert Everyone Who Contacts Your Number into Fully Qualified Leads.

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New Native API Integration:

Integrate WhatsApp Auto Chat Sender Pro with Zapier to Send Notifications and Warnings Automatically. Also Compatible with n8n.

Capture Names Automatically:

Capture the Names of Your Customers Who Interact with Your Number and Save Them to Your Contacts for More Personalized Communication and Better Conversions.

VPS Compatible:

Use a Windows VPS to Enjoy the Benefits of WhatsApp Auto Chat Sender Pro in the Cloud, Even If You Don’t Have a Windows Computer or Don’t Want to Keep It On All the Time.

Enhance Your Chatbot:

Create Interactive Autoresponders with Attachment Options, Including Images, Videos, Documents, Audios, and vCards.

Efficient Campaigns:

Engage Your List Personally with Scalable Mass Communication through Campaigns.

Streamline Your Sales Funnel:

Create Content Programs Sequenced by Time with Tags for Specific Interests.

Tag Your Leads:

Mark Your Leads with Specific Interests for Future Campaigns.

Effortless Synchronization:

Sync All Unsaved Contacts or Groups from Your Conversation Tab.

Intelligent Opt-in System:

Efficiently and Securely Recognize Verified Leads for More Effective Work.

Combine the efficiency of Chatbot with the main communication app in World.

? Increase your Sales
Serve more customers interested in your products or services in an intelligent, targeted, and direct way

? Smart Service
Use artificial intelligence for the service and segment your customer by interest or choices, being able to transfer to other numbers, using our number shortener.

? Personalized Answers
Intelligently create, edit, and customize each answer option using a keyword or phrase

Software License : Pro ( All Options )
Price : $ 300 Lifetime
Discount : 100% OFF
Filename : WhatsApp Auto Chat Sender Pro v6.0 Full Activated.zip
Size : 73.6 MB