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What is WhatDROID Pro? WhatDROID is a revolutionary automation and scheduling app for WhatsApp that simplifies marketing for small businesses and solopreneurs.

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With over 1.3 billion active users worldwide, WhatsApp is the largest messaging application. Unlike email with low open rates, WhatsApp messages have an open rate of over 98%, making them highly engaging.

Research shows that over 60 billion messages are sent via WhatsApp daily, presenting a tremendous opportunity for your marketing efforts.

WhatDROID is the ultimate WhatsApp marketing solution that not only enables you to easily reach your audience, including clients and prospects but also establishes a strong connection, resulting in increased sales.

WhatDROID automates your entire WhatsApp marketing with ease, saving you hours of manual effort. No more tedious typing or copy-pasting, as WhatDROID handles everything on autopilot.

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The best part is that WhatDROID operates in a 100% legitimate manner, utilizing browser automation and WhatsApp Web on your computer to ensure the security of your account.

In fact, WhatDROID is the most user-friendly WhatsApp messenger automation platform for small businesses, and it’s the only viable solution for home-based sellers and entrepreneurs.

WhatDROID Pro Features:

Here are some never-seen-before highly enticing features of WhatDROID Pro:

  • Send bulk messages on WhatsApp using this powerful software.
  • Three broadcast options available: Broadcast to the collection, Broadcast to the group, and Broadcast to list of numbers.
  • Message numbers without adding them to your contacts list.
  • The smart filtration feature accepts any list of numbers and finds valid WhatsApp numbers.
  • Human randomization helps protect your accounts from bans.
  • Ensures 100% organic footprint by using your individual IP, safeguarding you from the negative impact of other users.
  • Supports number collection from WhatsApp groups.
  • Personalize messages with the recipient’s name for a customized touch.
  • Schedule WhatsApp messages and broadcasts to go out at any time.
  • Drive traffic to your offers, send discount codes, coupons, etc.
  • In-built advanced reporting and analytics.
  • Detailed analytics, sales reporting, and progress tracking for members and students.
  • Compatible with any Windows PC or VPS for 24/7 automation.
  • Perfect for small businesses, solopreneurs, and prospecting clients.
  • Supports multiple accounts and phone numbers.
  • 10 amazing features that will supercharge your WhatsApp marketing.
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  • Unlimited messages every day.
  • Unlimited campaigns for you and your clients.
  • Unlimited contacts per campaign.
  • Download for free.
  • The readymade sales page for your WhatsApp marketing service.
  • Unlimited sender accounts and IDs.
  • Unlimited collections and contacts per list.
  • Free verification for unlimited numbers.
  • Commercial license with unlimited sales.
  • Powerful stories marketing training to help you become a master of social media marketing.
  • Unlimited campaigns: Create powerful message sequences for targeting your leads.
  • Create multiple campaigns for different sequences, products, and services.
  • Test multiple campaigns for the same product with different angles to determine the most effective approach.

Don’t miss out on the incredible features and benefits of WhatDROID Pro for your WhatsApp marketing success!

Experience the Power of 10 Amazing Features to Supercharge Your WhatsApp Marketing

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  2. Send UNLIMITED Messages Every Day
  3. Create UNLIMITED Campaigns for You and Your Clients
  4. Add UNLIMITED Contacts per Campaign
  5. Download for Free
  6. Get a Ready-Made Sales Page for Your WhatsApp Marketing Service
  7. Access UNLIMITED Sender Accounts and IDs
  8. Organize UNLIMITED Collections and Contacts per List
  9. Enjoy Free Verification for UNLIMITED Numbers
  10. Obtain a Commercial License with UNLIMITED Sales

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Unleash the Potential of UNLIMITED Campaigns

With WhatDROID, you can create dynamic message sequences to target your leads in every campaign.
Design multiple campaigns for different sequences, products, and services.
Experiment with multiple campaigns for the same product, each with a different angle, to determine the most effective approach.