Workers’ Compensation Insurance Professional Introductory course.

This free course is the preview of the complete Claims handling overview course.

Intro. to full course. Full course covers Insurance Terminologies, Investigation skill, Reserve Analysis, medical & litigation management & more.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience.


This free course is a preview of the complete Workers’ Compensation Insurance Claims handling principle and overview course, that is focused in training college graduates and job seekers who are education ready but not career or skill ready.

The complete training will prepare you for over 12 high paying insurance and insurance related entry level professions that are in demand even in times of bad economy. In this course, you will gain valuable knowledge and relevant language of the industry that will resonate with the profession during your interview, enhance your resume in just a matter of few days, giving you advantage over the rest of the candidates.

While the Free Course is introduction, the Full course will covers the followings:

WC claims handling

WC Terminologies

Medical and Legal management and terminologies

Claim investigation,

Claim purification new claims

Understanding Reserve principle

Reserve Analysis

Understanding the various WC benefits

Claim red flags

Identify fraud

Overall WC Claim set up from start to close.

At the end of the course, I will help you update your resume and prepare you for successful interview


Who this course is for:

  • College graduages and job/career seekers


Skill & Career Readiness for College grads. & Job seekers
Amaklech Sahle
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BA in Business Finance with minor in Accounting,  licensed Insurance Professional in 3 different states, over 34 + years of extensive experience in the profession as Sr. Claim Examiner, Sr. Claims Analyst, supervisor, trainer/mentor, multiple recognition award winner, author of The Devil is a Father Too, inspirational book and entrepreneur, now enjoying retirement life.