Undawn, an upcoming survival RPG developed by the creators of PUBG Mobile, is slated to release later this year on iOS, Android, and PC as a free-to-play title. While the game is expected to feature the typical elements of free-to-play gaming, LightSpeed Studios, the developer behind Undawn, has gone the extra mile by securing the participation of renowned actor Will Smith.

The recently released cinematic trailer showcases Will Smith’s character, Trey Jones, engaging in intense combat against a horde of zombies before bravely venturing into a desolate city reminiscent of the iconic scenes from the movie “I Am Legend.” While it’s uncommon to see a celebrity prominently featured in a mobile game, the significance of this collaboration for Will Smith’s career remains open to interpretation.

Beyond the celebrity appeal, Undawn aims to deliver an open-world experience similar to PUBG Mobile, combined with PvE survival elements. While the game’s description utilizes phrases such as “expansive open world,” “unique ecosystems,” and “wide variety of weapons,” it provides little insight into the actual gameplay. However, the accompanying screenshots showcase a wealth of detail.


Based on these in-game visuals, it’s evident that Undawn has been designed with a focus on mobile devices, despite also being available on PC. The user interface (UI) bears resemblances to PUBG Mobile, encompassing the screen with buttons for various actions. However, there is currently no information regarding controller support.

Undawn encompasses the familiar hallmarks of free-to-play titles, including pre-registration rewards that unlock in-game items. By sharing the pre-registration link, players can even unlock a special weapon skin. While this marketing strategy often suggests that microtransactions may overshadow the actual gameplay in the final product (as seen in games like Street Fighter Duel and Tomb Raider Reloaded), there is still potential for an enjoyable survival RPG if LightSpeed Studios avoids succumbing to greed.

At its best, Undawn could offer a pleasurable experience for players to enjoy with friends while fending off hordes of zombies. At worst, it may succumb to the pitfalls of excessive microtransactions. Nonetheless, the inclusion of Will Smith is undoubtedly a noteworthy addition. Pre-registration for Undawn is currently available, and the game is scheduled for release on June 15th.