Smart Pants

Smart clothing is making its mark in society, with wearables like smartwatches, Ray-Ban smart glasses, and the Oura Ring gaining popularity. Now, pushing the boundaries of innovation, a Twitter user named Guy Dupont has developed a unique pair of smart pants that send a notification to your phone whenever your fly is open.

Dupont, an independent developer, embarked on this project after a friend suggested creating pants that could alert the wearer when their zipper is undone. In Dupont’s experiment, he unzips his pants and waits for a few seconds. Once the built-in sensor detects the open fly, it triggers a notification through a service he named WiFly, informing the user.

If you know me, you know one of my favorite things to do is speedrun product ideas from my friends. One requested “Pants that detect when your fly is down for too long and send you a notification”. Currently seeking investors. — Guy Dupont (@gvy_dvpont) May 23, 2023

To implement this functionality, Dupont used hot glue to attach safety pins to a hall effect sensor and affixed a magnet to the zipper using superglue. Wires were then connected to the sensor, running discreetly into the pocket to initiate the notification process after a brief delay. Following the video demonstration of the smart pants, Dupont shared a list of supplies used and the steps taken to bring this invention to life.

While this feature offers undeniable convenience, it raises concerns about washing the pants. Due to the presence of wires, circuits, and glue, machine washing the garment could potentially damage the technology. Additionally, the impact on battery life remains uncertain, as the pants need to maintain a constant connection to the user’s phone throughout the day.

These smart pants are currently in the prototype stage and have not yet attracted any investors. However, it wouldn’t be surprising to see similar technology incorporated into various brands’ clothing in the future.

As smart technology continues to expand its presence in fashion and accessories, one can only hope that future developments will offer more practicality than previous attempts, such as Levi’s Jacquard-equipped jackets.