Since the introduction of Android app support on Windows 11, Microsoft has faced criticism over the limited selection of compatible apps offered through the Amazon Appstore. While the Appstore has grown steadily, Microsoft has now made an exciting announcement—Android app submissions are officially open to all developers who wish to bring their creations to Windows.

In a recent update to the Microsoft Store, which primarily focused on AI-powered enhancements for native Windows apps and PWAs, a hidden gem emerged—the news that Microsoft is now accepting Android app submissions from developers. The only requirement is that developers possess an Amazon Appstore Developer account.

Developers interested in listing their Android apps on Windows are encouraged to explore Microsoft’s developer resources, ensuring that their apps can comfortably adapt to window resizing, a significant consideration for Windows 11 computers. Additionally, optimizing touch input for proper mapping to keyboard and mouse inputs on Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) is crucial, and fortunately, the Amazon Appstore provides detailed documentation to guide developers through the process.

While Microsoft’s initiative may come a bit late, it is undoubtedly a much-needed step. However, it may still take some time for developers to release apps and updates specifically tailored to Windows 11 users. If you’re eager to try out apps on your computer, our handy guide can assist you in sideloading apps on WSA.

In the meantime, WSA continues to improve, with support for Android 13, picture-in-picture mode, and more. However, the stable version of WSA remains limited to a few regions and is unavailable in many others. This limitation could be connected to the Amazon Appstore’s restricted availability, hindering expansion. Nonetheless, as WSA evolves, it is hoped that the situation will change, bringing broader accessibility and greater possibilities for users worldwide.