How to create unlimited gmail accounts in 2023

Make new accounts on Google’s dedicated e-mail service without manual data typing and copy-paste methods by importing an Excel file with personal info for profile creation. The utility accesses the file contents and automatically adds the data to the “Sign Up” page.

Mass Gmail Account Creator is an app that helps you create multiple Gmail accounts within a few seconds. It works by simply importing an Excel file containing user data. Creating the accounts can be done in two ways. The first method (the classic one) consists in typing general information about each user account manually. The second one, and possibly the easiest, lets you import existing user data from an Excel file. Thus, no data typing or copy/paste actions are required.

The program works fast and it is easy to use. Besides the editing part, the application provides single- and multi-proxy options. However, this function is disabled in the demo version; so you need to purchase the full edition to see whether this feature is really functional or not.

To put it short, this is a simple app for creating new Gmail accounts. The Help option doesn’t work, so there’s no way to see any kind of instruction on how to use the app. Still, the interface is intuitive enough so that anyone could use it without any instructions.

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