Blender Cloud Animation Fundamentals course free download

Blender Cloud Animation Fundamentals course free download

What is Blender

Blender Cloud Animation Fundamentals course free download ; So what is 3d blender where did it come from well the blenders that you know today is a free open-source program that you can use to do modeling animating all kinds of good stuff but it wasn’t always that way it was actually developed as an in-house application by the Dutch animation studio NeoGeo and a little bit later that after that it became shareware and when that went away it was actually put into the general public license by this man who actually was the driving force behind creating blender so now what what do we have today with blender I mean most people know about the modeling interface but blenders features includes 3d modeling UV unwrapping texturing rigging skinning fluid and smoke simulation particle simulation soft muddy simulation animating match moving camera tracking rendering video editing compositing and it also built features like built-in game engine and all that in this one free package which is actually not a very big package and I mean it Oh blenders take a lot of criticism from the 3d industry as being you know all this is it’s a spree program that has come out and it’s not that great and doesn’t really do that much and it doesn’t compare to the 3d packages out there that you have to pay for you know pay hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars for but you know all that is really changing quite dramatically and quite quickly blender has really come up in the ranks and really has proven itself I mean now with version 2.6 so many features are integrated into blender that really is starting to be really on par with those programs that you have to pay all that money for and I think blender is starting to really raise some eyebrows around in the industry in fact did you know that blender has actually been used in a professional Hollywood movie production spider-man 2 now it was only used for the anime and I am you have math the animatics for that but it was used in the professional production now along with that sort of thing it’s also been used to create short films mostly sponsored by the blender foundation in the core group of users films like Big Buck Bunny Syntel and tears of Steel the latter tears of Steel actually used was it was the first one to use live-action integrated with animation really really cool stuff now what’s even more amazing and cool is that you can take all these movies you can download them and watch them for free you can download the model study them you know all the different aspects that went into making the films all that is open source so you can take it and look at it and and you know use it for your own enjoyment it’s really amazing it’s great so with having this great you know this nice program that is free you may feel like I do you know feel like I really need to get something back to this because you know I get all this for free and if you feel that way go to and you can actually donate there you know donate as little as much as you want you know if you if you can afford all you can afford is five dollars or whatever I’ve donated that to them and that would enable the developers to do more and more great things for the program another way you can donate is buy some of those those movies that have talked about like tears of Steel you can buy the DVDs which gives you this ton of material with them and that way you can help also further the birth of the program so now that you know a little bit more about the history of blender and what it is go out and create any and everything that you want to because you can do it with blender .

Uses of  Blender 

Blender Cloud Animation Fundamentals course free download ; Blender being used in production pipelines for game development VFX for film production animation and more number one again development when it comes to game development blender is heavily used for indie game development studios first of all it is free which is great for a small budget also it is open source which allows studios to create a new tools if needed and of course it is a complete 3d package that can do everything smoothly blunder for the most part is not really part of the software that game developers use for triple-a video games in big game development studios for now but this might change in the future here are some examples of Thunder being used in cool video games bio mutant is the first game of the Swedish development studio experiment 101 that uses blunder which was established in the summer of 2015 by former Avalanche studio employees after working on the Just Cause series for many years the founders of the studio wanted to go back to the basics of video game development to create a game that is fun in a good way the little hero character was modeled in ZBrush and plunder grooming of the floor was done in blender as well several environments were done implanted for the cinematic trailer of raid World War 2 video game they started the layout process using grease pencil the grease pencil sketches were later linked into each environment artist scene so they had a good reference when building it the environment artist did also link each other scene so they could see each other’s work update and this made it easy to tie the separate rooms together matter of fact the Andromeda initiative the moon environment was made in plunder being able to scope the ground at the same time as scattering out rocks made it easy to iterate the shot and see how everything looked in the camera but importantly character animation with Alembic from Maya to blunder the environment artists could make sure that nothing intersected the character’s feet while they were walking this also enabled them to create the environment simultaneously as they were animating the shots number 2 visual effects in visual effects and film blunder is used by a lot of freelance artists and independent artists to do gigs for VFX studios for now there are very few VFX to do is using wonder as one of their main tools in their pipeline which is a nice progress that took place in recent years Barnstorm VFX did an outstanding work on the TV series the man in the high castle and they have been using plunder as an integral part of their pipeline they have experimented with a variety of programs over the years but for 3d work they settled on using blender for a few years it is very unusual for VFX houses to use blender but there are a number of features that cause them to switch over to it one of the most cycles render engine that they have used for their rendering of most of the 3d elements in high castle and other shows in order to deal with the huge rendering needs of high castle they set up cloud rendering using Amazon’s own AWS servers which allowed them to have as many as 150 machines working at the same time to render some of the big sequences in addition to blender they occasionally use other 3d programs including Houdini for particle systems their texturing and material work is done in substance painter and compositing is done in nuke and After Effects they use blender for modeling animation and rendering also they use blender fluid systems and particle systems and render everything in cycles they use cycles for exporting render layers which they composite mostly in nuke artist Joseph Conover is a 3d artist at Greenhouse GFX worked at Wonder Woman’s in title sequence and many other random things using blender Wonder Woman’s director thought that many scenes in the sequence were too warlike and wanted some uplifting moments so he projected this view of the home of Wonder Woman and the Amazons based on a painted version also he worked on other 3d models that were used in other various scenes using blender Wonder Woman was based on the actress gal gadot sculpted in ZBrush and refined in blender for the plane he took inspiration from the world war ii german biplane he also worked on the sword structure in which he used arrays and curved modifiers to create a rotating structure effect number three animation the animation studio of blender Institute produced 12 short films so far the last one is spring which is the story of a shepherd girl and her dog who faced ancient spear in order to continue the cycle of life this poetic and visually sannan short film which completely created using development version of blender 2.8 for the entire production even before the software was officially beta wonder Institute is currently developing its first animated feature film based on the celebrated Dutch comic character agent 327 on May 15 2017 blender foundation released a teaser trailer that was almost 4 minutes long for an upcoming computer animated feature film based on a comic it stars agent 327 as he investigates a barbershop and he learns a dangerous truth about the shop the three-minute film was released online as a proof of concept to attract funding for the feature-length adaptation goodbye Kansas to do is a VFX to do that creates award-winning visual effects visual animations and motion capture for movies game trailers and commercials at goodbye Kansas studios artists use several 3d packages like Houdini ZBrush and Maya and there were also some artists using blender as well the use blender for hard surface and props and environments work.

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