Understand the Biotech industry

Understand the types of syndicated data available and used

Understand why the industry is important

Understand how data can be used to drive the best patient outcome


  • No programming or analytical experience required


Intended for IT professionals supporting sales and marketing in biotech or specialty care companies or business units.  If you are in sales, marketing, sales ops, marketing ops, or commercial excellence, you will learn a lot too.  I will provide many examples of how specialty contrasts with primary care.

In this course, learn about:

  • Payers, Plans, and Formularies
  • Patient Hubs
  • Specialty Distribution and data
  • Specialty Pharmacy and data

Learn about industry EDI formats used to communicate sales, inventory, returns/chargebacks.  Why is it important to track inventory?  Is there a standard format?

Learn about the selection process for specialty pharmacies.  What type of data Specialty Pharmacies can send back to the manufacturer: de-identified patient demographics data, prescription, referrals, dosage, etc.  Which specialty pharmacy chains are the biggest?  Do specialty pharmacies sub-specialize in particular therapeutic areas?

Learn the different types of formulary tiers, and co-pay differences.  What are open and closed formularies?

Learn about the role of the patient hubs in raising awareness for disease states, the communities they build, and how they may help patient find ways to pay for their treatment.  What services do patient hubs provide?  Why sign up for patient hubs?

What are patient assistance programs?  What is co-pay?

I hope that you will enjoy this course!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner business analysts and IT professionals in the Biotech space